ACAC Hall of Fame Inductee: Dr. Donald Stouffer

ACAC Hall of Fame Inductee:  Dr. Donald Stouffer

Dr. Don Stouffer's impact on college athletics is undeniable. Over his 32 years of involvement he coached, convened and presided as the President over several different associations.

He began as Mount Royal's golf coach (1966-1999) and then added men's hockey coach to his resume for four seasons. After he stepped away from hockey he turned his focus to the ACAC, where he served as the secretary in 1972-73. The next year he was named the President of the ACAC. That same season he was a part of a group of administrators who established the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) and became its first President. The Association provided Canadian College varsity programs with the opportunity to compete at national championships for the first time.