Wolves Host University of Alberta Augustana Vikings

Wolves Host University of Alberta Augustana Vikings

The Wolves were looking to even out the weekend with a win today. The Wolves came out strong the first quarter and got 7 points from #13 Logan Rempel. #21 Nathan Bowie hit a 3 for the Vikings which resulted in a Wolves time out with 1:53 on the clock . Less then a minute on the clock and Jonathan Mueller and Darian Goetzen both hit 3 pointers for the Wolves. The quarter ended the Wolves up by 16 and a score of 28-12 Wolves.

Vikings looking to come out strong to win back some buckets in the second quarter. Wolves started with possession and a quick point 3 point play from #8 Liam O'Hallahan. The Wolves scored 20 points in the quarter and the Vikings 15. Liam O'Hallahan ends the quarter with 12 points and #21 Nathan Bowie with 7 points. Wolves 48 and Vikings 27 at half time.

The Vikings came out strong in the third quarter. They were ready to close the gap. #8 Mason Hunter drained a 3 pointer with a minute on the clock to put the Vikings within 4 points. A technical foul from the Wolves resulted in another 2 points for the Vikings, and they come within 3. 29 points from the Vikings to the Wolves 10 and the Vikings closed the gap by 2 after the third quarter. Wolves 58 and Vikings 56.

The fourth quarter was going to be a crowd pleaser. The first bucket came from #13 Logan Rempel 1:30 into the game. 5:30 left in the game and #12 Jake Frostad from the Vikings evened the score at 63-63. The quarter continued to go back and forth, game was still tied at 67 with 3:14 on the clock. It was back and forth to the buzzer and the Wolves come out on top 75-73.

The Mr. Mikes Player of the Game for the Wolves was #5 Dane Phillipenko with 7 points and 6 rebounds. From Augustana #15 Spencer Marion with 5 points and 8 rebounds.

The Wolves travel to Concordia next weekend to take on the Thunder in Edmonton.