MBB | Kodiaks claim victory over Broncos

MBB | Kodiaks claim victory over Broncos

Nov. 3, 2018 – The Kodiaks faced off on home turf against the Olds College Broncos, managing to add one to the win column in a 90-64 victory.

The Kodiaks started out with a strong offensive lead in the 1st quarter, not letting the Broncos have many chances at their basket. Kodiaks Michael Clemons set the tone on the court, taking command of the pace of play and breaking through the Broncos defenses to lead the Kodiaks to a 27-12 score heading into the 2nd quarter.

The Kodiaks maintained their momentum heading into the second quarter. An impressive performance from the Kodiaks offense, including a stand-out performance from forward, Skylar Thompson, expanded their lead over the Broncos to 52-29 to close out the first half.

The Broncos came out ready to play in the second half with an aggressive offensive focus led by forward, Landon Parrington, but it wasn't enough to trip up the Kodiaks. Lincoln Anderson took command of the court and lit up the scoreboard, keeping the Kodiaks on top with a score of 71-46 heading into the final 10 mins of the game.

The Broncos maintained continuous pressure in the fourth quarter but the Kodiaks closed out the game in style, guided by the leadership of veteran Jackson Kasko with an early 3-pointer that set the tone for the team and contributing to a 90-64 victory.

The Kodiaks will return to the court and look to add another win on November 9th as they take on the St. Mary's University Lightning in Calgary.


Players of the Game:

Kodiaks- #14 Jack-Henry Fox-Grey

Broncos- #13- Logan Shaw