Lakeland Rustlers take a win against the Visiting GPRC Wolves

The Lakeland Rustlers come out and take a quick lead against the visiting GPRC Wolves. Number 5 Rashon Russell started the momentum for the Rustler adding a couple layups and jumpers for the Rustlers. The Wolves trailed the Rustlers y 10 points going into the 2 quarter, score 24-14. In the Rustlers showed a dominate defense from their perimeter plays, leading the Rustlers defense #1 Adrian Richards. Wolves continue the stuggle of finding a way to get baskets and fall back to a to a 12 point game. Rustlers lead going into half 50-38. The Wolves came back fighting in the third,, with #10 Payton Tirrell leading the way for his team both defensively and offensively. The 3rd quarter both teams were hot off the three point line the Rustlers were able to still out score the Wolves, Lakelands 22 points to GPRC 20 points. It was a high scoring quarter however the Rustler conitue to dominate and lead going into the fourth, score 72-58. Artavis Hoiday would provide a couple more points to the Rustlers stats which help them eventually win the game 99-69. The players of tonights game for the visiting GPRC Wolves #22 Tucker Mcleod with 9 points, and for the Lakeland Rustlers #2 Artavis Holiday with 21 points 8 rebounds and 1 block.