MBB| The Kodiaks bounce back against the Lightning

MBB| The Kodiaks bounce back against the Lightning

January 12, 2019 - Lethbridge College kicked off their second game in this home and home series with a smart defensive structure and a disciplined offense to avoid another loss against St. Mary's University.

The Kodiaks efforts proved to be effective for them in the first quarter as they led the game with a score of 18-14. However, Cordell Minnifee of St Mary's did not make it an easy feat for Lethbridge's defense as he dribbled the ball with precision throughout the court.

As the second quarter played on, Lightning continued to push their offensive efforts against the Kodiaks nevertheless, Lethbridge managed to run the shot clock shutting St. Mary's down on a chance of gaining the lead.

Emotions were running high amongst both teams which forced a timeout for the visitors just before the half. This gave both competitors the opportunity to recollect themselves.

After an intense first half, the Kodiaks maintained their composure as they headed into the third quarter with the lead of 45-31. Second year, Lincoln Anderson of Lethbridge managed to put away 27 baskets by the end of the third quarter, however this was not without the help of his teammate Michael Clemons who had 19 assists at this point in the game.

The Kodiaks found their groove by the end of Saturday night's match as they closed out the game with a score of 92-72.

Anderson added another five points in the fourth quarter leaving the game with 32 points in total while Isaac Amsing of St. Mary's had 16. First year, Jack-Henry Fox-Grey earned himself two big blocks and player of the game.

Players of The Game:

Lightning: #10 Cordell Minnifee

Kodiaks: #14 Jack-Henry Fox-Grey