Young McDonald Leads the Way

With a couple of breakaway dunks it was Showtime for the Keyano Huskies in the opening period against the visiting NAIT Ooks at the Syncrude Sport & Wellness Centre as the host team took a 17-8 lead with 4:43 remaining in the period.

Two minutes later the Ooks would take the lead 18-17 on a Jamal Hinds layup.

Hinds jumper gives the Ooks a 17-point cushion 43-26 with 2:02 until halftime.

Down at halftime 46-33.

Stats wise pretty even though Ooks lead by 13.

Huskies struggling as they enter third period having hit only three of 16 Downtown Freddie Brown shots beyond the arc.

Lots of body contact placed on him, a frustrated Huskies' Stefan Jovic heads to the Huskies bench his team down 57-46.

Back-to-back three pointers by Dante Dinter and Chris Oppong bring the Huskies within striking distance down 59-52...2:23 in the third remaining.

A Huskies' Oppong dipsy-do move in the air makes it 61-58 Ooks at the end of the third period.

High-flyer Nicholas McDonald with limbs flying in all directions, kisses the ball off the backboard to give the lead back to the Huskies 67-65.

McDonald, an obvious fan fave, is earning playing time and looking fine.

Has dropped in 17 points off the bench.

Three pointers by Ooks' Darryl Broderick, five so far with 4:51 remaining, keeps the Huskies from any pertinent runs.

A tear drop baby hook by Emmanuel Ansah gives Huskies a one-point lead 77-76 while a solid D on the other end causes a shot clock violation against the Ooks.

An Ansah three makes it 80-76 Huskies to the delight of the Friday evening fans in attendance.

Free throws by Hinds brings Ooks within one basket 80-78 with 59 seconds remaining.

Ansah again hits 82-78. Ooks down four points with 29 seconds left.

A Broderick three makes it 82-81 with only two seconds gone off the previous 29 seconds.

Jovic free throws with 4.3 seconds remaining secures the 84-81 win.

Huskies Home Hardware Player of the Game McDonald with 20 points and four rebounds. Ansah added 20 points and 4 rebounds.

Ooks POG is Hinds had 19 points, 5 rebounds and 6 assists. Broderick added 20 points.