The SAIT Trojans move to the Semi-finals after defeating the Lakeland Rustlers

The third game of the day for the 2019 Men's Basketball Championship was between the fourth place team in the north, Lakeland Rustlers and the first place team in the south, the SAIT Trojans. The first quarter the Rustlers came out strong with the first basket of the game by #2 Artavis Holiday. The Trojans match the high intensity of the Rustlers and it was a battle back and forth for both teams. Rustlers get into foul trouble mid way through first quarter however the were dominate from the three point line and jumpers. Agressivve defense from both side cause many turnovers however the Trojans were the one to capitalize on them. Rustlers lead to end the first up only by 2 points, score 22-20. The second quarter woould be very simialr to the first with a number of lead changes. Trojans dominate on the boards allowing for second chance opportunities, as well put a full course press which the Rustler first struggled with. SAIT leads at half 42-35. The thrid would be a game behind the arch as both team knocking down three pointers back to back. It contiues to be a fast pass high intenstiy game and the Trojans look to pull away by the end of the third. The Trojans capitalize on the Rustlers mistakes early in the fourth quarter and stretch their lead to 18 points. From the Trojans #11 John Smith turned it on both sides of the court not only hitting down almost every shot he put up but breaking down the Rustlers defensively. The Rustlers strugled to get back the momentum they lost in the third and could not catch the Trojans. The Trojans advance in the tournment to the semi-finals as they defeat the Rustlers 98-77. The players of the game for the Rustlers #2 Artavis Holiday and for the SAIT Trojans #6 Ian Tevis.