MBB | Kodiaks earn another win at home against the Lions

MBB | Kodiaks earn another win at home against the Lions

Nov. 2, 2019 - The Lethbridge College Kodiaks entered the game ready to come out on top against the Ambrose Lions.

Brock Dewsberry made his presence known starting the game off with the first point. Nevertheless, the Lions did not fall far behind. The quarter continued to go point for point, neither team able to keep control of the game. The Kodiaks managed to take the lead as they headed into the second quarter with a 5-point advancement.

The match remained tight as it continued into the second quarter, however the Kodiaks maintained control. Brock continued to show his potential by scoring 11 points during the second quarter. Trying to change the pace, the Lions coach called a timeout, in hopes of taking back possession and remain calm. This was unsuccessful as the Kodiaks closed out the first half with a score of 52-42.

A defensive battle lead to a slow start to the second half, but the Kodiaks held steady pressure, keeping the gap between them and the Lions. The teams became heated as the tension grew, Kodiaks did not let this get to them as they kept a level head and focused on the play. Ambrose quickly gained points on Lethbridge as they began closing the gap and finished off the third quarter with a tight 3-point gap.

The Kodiaks came out strong into the fourth quarter as they immediately took control and increased their score with a 24-4 run within the first few minutes of the fourth quarter. It was clear that the Kodiaks wanted this win and there was nothing in the way as they closed out another win at home with a score of 96-74.


Player of the Game:

Lions: #14 Isaac Amsing

Kodiaks: #07 Brock Dewsbery