MBB | Kodiaks Extend Their Winning Streak

MBB | Kodiaks Extend Their Winning Streak

Nov. 23, 2019 - The Lethbridge College Kodiaks hosted St. Mary's University Lightning in a single game weekend. The Kodiaks entered the game leading the South Division with a 7 - 0 record, looking to stretch their winning streak. The Lightning rested with a record of 3 - 5, desperately seeking a win to improve their standings.


St. Mary's created havoc for Lethbridge in the first half, however the Kodiaks regrouped in the second half to establish a strong offensive presence. Brock Dewsbery was an essential key to the Kodiaks success.


Brock Dewsbery opened up the game with a beautiful jump shot just outside the key. While the Kodiaks started the first quarter with composure, St. Mary's eventually found their rhythm to overtake Lethbridge's lead.


Similar to the first quarter, Dewsbery completed an incredible layup earning himself a foul shot and one. Immediately after, Brock tucked in a three pointer to give his team the edge they were scrambling for in the first quarter. Lethbridge maintained their lead with a score of 38 - 29 at half.


As the game moved into the second half, St. Mary's started to play a little more recklessly as they needed to catch up to the Kodiaks. Elbows were carelessly thrown, however Lethbridge maintained their poise. 


Lethbridge was relentless on the Lightning's defence as they made four three pointers in two minutes. Orin Porter got two three's back to back to help confirm the Kodiaks dominance. Lethbridge headed into the fourth quarter with a 12 point lead.


Tension was high in the fourth quarter as Lightning started to close in the Kodiaks lead. Each team used all of their timeouts, making the last minute of the game inexhaustible. At 20 seconds, all timeouts were used and St. Mary's Jordon Britton capitalized on his opportunity to bury a three pointer bringing the game to a one point difference. Unfortunately, Lightning continued to make careless fouls which gave the Kodiaks the win with a score of 94 - 89.


With this win, Lethbridge extended their winning streak to eight, keeping them at the top of their division. The Kodiaks will host the Sait Trojans Thursday, November 28 for more at home action.

Players of The Game:


Lightning: # 12 Wil Konybai

Kodiaks: # 11 Trey Bohne