MBB | Kodiaks Dominate Trojans

MBB | Kodiaks Dominate Trojans

Nov. 28, 2019 -  The Lethbridge College Kodiaks opened up the home and home series against the Sait Trojans on a snowy Thursday evening. Lethbridge was ranked first in the South division with a record of 8 - 0, while Sait rested only one spot behind the Kodiaks with a record of 7 - 1.


As the game got underway, both teams fought to find a lead of some sort. It wasn't until Kodiaks, Tim McMahon and Trey Bohne both buried three pointers to set them apart from the Trojans in the first quarter. As the boys continued to tally up the points, Brock Dewsbery found himself hopping on the three train as well. 


The Kodiaks stormed into the second quarter with a 14 point lead. Orin Porter demanded control of the court as soon as the clock began ticking. The veteran kept his team level-headed as it was still early in the game, fully aware of how quickly a lead like theirs could be overtaken by laziness. First year, McMahon followed his teammates example by consciously making sharp plays. 


Tyis Hunt - Yellow Horn of the Sait Trojans was doing everything in his power to aid his team in finding their rhythm from adding ten points to the score sheet to full pressing the Kodiaks, however Lethbridge maintained their offensive force. So much so, that Orin Porter was found dunking on the Trojans courtesy of Chris Thomson's assist mid court.


The Trojans started the second half with a full court press looking to close in on the Kodiaks offensive prowess. The pressure was effective for Sait when it came to finding some offensive structure of their own, however Orin Porter continued his bucket bender proving to be untouchable.


With the Trojans closing in on the Kodiaks monstrous lead, the fourth quarter would certainly be an aggressive one. Sait continued their full court press, keeping Lethbridge on their toes. Eventually, the Kodiaks regrouped to continue to dominate the attack, ending the game with a score of 118 - 95.


The Lethbridge College Kodiaks extended their winning streak to a record of 9 - 0. They will look to earn another victory against the Sait Trojans Friday night in Calgary. The undefeated Kodiaks will remain on top of the South division.


Players of The Game:


Trojans: #02 Wyatt Haux

Kodiaks: #02 Orin Porter Jr.