Mens team wins the last game of the season.

20191130 - MBB vs Thunder 

The Augustana Vikings faced off against the Concordia Thunder. 

The game started off with the fans of both teams on the edges of their seats. #2, Gibb from Thunder made a 3 pointer starting Thunder off with the first points of the game. Later #9, Stasiuk scored 5 points within the first few minutes. The gap was always within 5 for the 1st. With back to back baskets by both teams the first period finished with a score of 27-25.

Some great basketball happened in the second quarter from both sides. #12, Laxadal from Thunder made a three starting the second off with excitement. At that time the score was 32-30 for Vikings. Quickly after, #7 Brulotte from Vikings also made a three. With baskets from other players the score kept increasing on both sides. Thunders #4, Turchet made two threes and #15, Bacon Jr made one three. While #21, Bowie made a jumper within the last moments of the second. The score was 46-44 at the start of the half for the Vikings. 

After a focused half, both teams came out for the third ready. The Vikings played solid defense as their bench chanted. #12, Laxadal from Thunder made a rebound basket tying up the game. #12, Laxdal from Thunder made 2 more three pointers in a row. #7, Brulotte also made 2 three pointers. The score was 84-67 at the end. 

The intensity did not let up, and neither did both of the team's efforts. With back to back baskets from #7, Brulotte, #21, Bowie, and #11, Harder from the Vikings during the start of the fourth allowed Vikings to secure the game. A 3 from #7, Brulotte had the crowd off their feet as they cheered. The game finished with a 106-84 for the Vikings despite the Thunders best effort. 

Player of the Game was awarded to #4 Lucas Turchet for Thunder and #7, Austin Brulotte from Vikings.