Kodiaks victorious over Rattlers in January Opener.

The Lethbridge Kodiaks headed into the Snake Pit to take on the Medicine Hat College Rattlers. Right off the opening tip the Kodiaks were able to grab the loose ball and scored an uncontested layup. After a Rattlers turnover the Kodiaks hit a corner 3 to take a quick 5-0 lead. the Rattlers responded with a play inside and a foul making it a 3 point play. Another 3 from the Kodiaks re-established their lead as they looked hot from downtown early. the teams traded baskets and stops as the game made its way to the midway point of the quarter, the Kodiaks were up 11-7 as the 5 minute point passed. The Rattlers were called early and often for and got in a tough hole early. Medicine Hat's head coach was ejected with 4 minutes left in the first quarter after an outburst concerning the calls. The Kodaks took advantage of this and too a 15-7 lead with 3 minutes left. Quickly adding another basket and increasing the lead to 10. JJ Woodbine got the Rattlers crowd back into it making a circus layup with the harm. The Kodiak fast break answered in seconds. With 2 minutes on the clock the Rattlers took a timeout down 22-12. The Rattlers fought back out of the timeout and reduced the deficit down 17-22.

Medicine Hat's Josh Magpantay opened up second quarter scoring with a pair of free throws before the Kodiaks answered. With the next 3 baskets the Lethbridge Kodiaks had re established a 7 point lead. with another 3 pointer the Kodiaks again has a double digit lead, up 10. Another Kodiaks fast break saw them up 12. Any time the Rattlers scored, the Kodiaks had an answer in the second frame. The Kodiaks again pressed on a Rattlers cold streak and again extended the lead. now 41-26 the Kodiaks looked to put the game away before the half. The Rattlers had other plans however as they were able to come back down the court and score their first points in a while. Up 43-29 the Kodiaks took a timeout with 1:30 left on the clock.  the half ended with the Kodiaks leading 46-29.

The third quarter started with a Kodiaks basket and a Rattlers turnover on the other end. Another Kodiaks basket saw them go up 21 points leading 50-29. The Kodiaks continued to burn the Rattlers on the fast break. The Rattlers finally scored with 2 quick buckets coming back to back. They finally seemed to be able to generate enough offence to make their defensive stops count. Unfortunately they were already so far behind it was too little without something drastic happening. There were too many whistles in the game for this to happen. No momentum could be gained on either side with so much going on. With the Kodiaks fast breaks they were able to score much easier than the Rattlers. The Rattlers received 2 more technical fouls on different players in the quarter, digging an even deeper hole. With 1 minute left the Kodiaks were up 65-48. With little happening in the last minute the quarter ended with Lethbridge up 67-49.

The fourth quarter opened up with the Rattlers JJ Woodbine hitting a deep 3. The Rattlers continued to score and found themselves back into a game. Only down 56-67 the Rattlers and the large crowd started to see hope. The Kodiaks saw this and quickly called a timeout with 7:37 left on the clock. Coming out of the timeout the Kodiaks hit a big 3 to drain some energy from the crowd. Still down the Rattlers tried to press and really force the Kodiaks into low percentage shots, but the Kodiaks were still getting too many second chance points and possessions taking precious time off the clock. Extending their lead again, the Kodiaks continued to control the boards and time of possession. With the Kodaks back up 20, the Rattlers took a timeout with 2:37 on the clock. Lethbridge cruised and were able to take the win in Medicine Hat 86-61