Vikings are successful against Ooks!

Augustana Vikings face off against Nait Ooks for the first home basketball game of the second semester. The hometown fans are ready for another great game of basketball. 


Ooks start the first period off strong. They took the lead from the start and were able to hold it for a while until Vikings came back. Vikings #9 Stasuik with a 3 pointer made the score tied 8-8. Ooks #23 Sean-Michael Clancey made two back to back baskets. Drabiuk for Vikings, and Kornik for Ooks, both the Head Coaches shouted positive words of encouragement to their players, as they finished the quarter with a 2 point gap. Ooks had the lead with a score of 21 - 19. 

The second quarter was just as entertaining as the last with a steal leading to lay up by Vikings #5 Philipenko. Ooks #10 Hausch made a 3 following back to back points from Ooks #8 Hinds. Vikings come back from a time out strong and ready allowing them to close the gap and get ahead by 9. The Vikings lead after the half with a score of 51 - 42. 


After re-strategizing and analyzing their play, Nait Ooks come back and score 3 back to back baskets for a total of 6 points, and an attempt at a foul shot. Vikings #13 Schmuland makes a drop-step layup sending the crowd to their feet in applause. Ooks #25 Cluysen makes a basket in a crowded key bringing his team ahead by 2 points. Both teams bring their A-game as they run up and down the court. A great pass by Vikings #13 Schmuland to Vikings #11 Harder, creating a foul shot opportunity giving their team 2 points. Ooks Head Coach Kornik calls a time out with the hopes to eliminate the 10 point gap between them. A fast-break layup from Vikings #7 Brulotte has the home team fans off their feet in excitement. The 3rd quarter total is 73 - 63. 


With a final chance to secure tonight's game, both teams put out their players ready to play. Despite the visiting team's best efforts, they were unable to capitalize and prevent baskets. The Vikings came away with a lead of almost 20 points. The final score was 100 - 84 for the Vikings. 


Player of the Game was awarded to hometown Vikings #5 Philipenko, and visiting Ooks #22 Morgan.