MBB | Kodiaks Remain On Top

MBB | Kodiaks Remain On Top

Jan 18th, 2020 - The Kodiaks were back in action at home as they prepared to take on the Ambrose Lions for the second time this weekend in their home and away series.


The Kodiaks looked to continue and extend their twelve game winning streak. Lethbridge are currently ranked in first place of the South Division with an undefeated record. 


The Lions came out came determined to bounce back from their tough loss the night before. Linden Jackson came out with two quick field goals as Nhial Phillip added a couple himself for Ambrose. The Kodiaks found themselves down by seven. This did not sit well with coach Ryan Heggie as he called an immediate time out to regroup his team. This timeout was effective as Chase Bohne and Brock Dewsbery brought back the team with multiple baskets themselves. The first quarter ended 23-22 in favour of the Lions. 


The second quarter was a bit similar as the Lions did not back down. Riley Cordwell of the Lions was a defensive machine however, the Kodiaks offensive powerhouses Jaxon Davison and Orin Porter Jr. strung together a few nice plays. The Kodiaks pulled away from the Lions by eight points. The Lions were able to cut down the advantage to six points as the Kodiaks took a 41-35 lead into halftime. 


The Kodiaks got it rolling in the second half as Chase Bohne drained a three pointer from the middle to start the half. The Lions immediately answered with a three from Isaac Gray and Isaac Amsing. The Kodiaks tried to respond but the Lions did not go away as Linden Jackson kept pouring in his shots. The Lions would eventually tie the game late in the third quarter. Converting their last two free throws, the Kodiaks would take a 62-60 lead heading into the last quarter. 


It was clear that both teams were looking to win this game, the Kodiaks started the quarter with a big three pointer from Chris Thompson. Ambrose desperately wanted to end the Kodiaks reign in the South division so they played a tactful final quarter, limiting their mistakes. Meanwhile, Lethbridge was attempting anything to protect their winning streak and their ranking in the CCAA.


After a gritty match, Lethbridge came out on top, ultimately remaining undefeated. Ambrose, however did not make it easy. 

Players of The Game:

Lions: #15 Riley Cordwell

Kodiaks: #09 Chris Thomson