Rustlers Win Big

The Lakeland College Men's Basketball team would look to tighten the distance on a playoff spot this weekend with a sweep over the GPRC Wolves.

The Rustlers would come out to a hot start and put up 26 points lead by Rashon Russel. The Wolves would keep a tight distance on the Rustlers however only trailing 9. The Rustlers would look to grow on there 26-17 lead heading into the second quarter.

The Rustlers would continue to tack onto there lead, turning that 9 point lead into a 23 point lead. The Wolves would head to the locker room hungry and looking for a solution to slow down the Rustlers.

The Wolves would come out looking to close the gap how ever scoring 19 in the third wouldnt be enough as the Rustlers would put up 28 and grow there lead to 84-52. The Wolves would have to come out hot to bring this game back into distance or even grow momentum for there double header tomorrow.

The Rustlers would go ahead and Finish off the Wolves with a final score of 101-68