Huskies 102 Eagles 61 FREE Bandera Bread for Everyone

Saturday February 1, 2020

Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference

Men's Basketball

Keyano College Huskies vs. The Kings University Eagles

Syncrude Sport & Wellness Centre

Canadian Natural Gymnasium


Both teams start with the same starters as last night's game in which the Huskies won 87-66.

What will be the score this afternoon? Who will win?


First Period

Keyano 22 Kings 13

Huskies go up quick 7-0 with Eagles' coach Matt Barreiro calling timeout at 7:20. Eagles 5-of-18 from the field. Huskies with three three-pointers.


Second Period

Keyano 47 Kings 23

Huskies' Jo Michel has a full court outlet to Angelo Mbituyimana for the layup to open the period. Eagles slowing up the game, not allowing the Huskies to get into transition.

Great show of sportsmanship as Eagles' Dawson Mayes, while the ball is in play, gives a hand up to Huskies' Michel after he had stumbled on the court. Eagles can't find the range, shooting 9-for-36. Huskies are 18-of-39.


Third Period

Keyano 73 Kings 40

Game has slowed down. Huskies pick up the offence in the final three minutes. Mbituyimana hits a three at the buzzer.

Huskies' Stefan Jovcic solid game so far with 16 points and 11 rebounds. But the key is the unselfish play of the veteran Michel. He has 7 points 7 rebounds 7 assists to go along with a whack of X factor plays.


Fourth Period

Keyano 102 Kings 61

Huskies continue to open it up. Mbituyimana lighting up the scoreboard with a few threes. Fans celebrate when the Huskies hit the century mark as it means free Bandera Bread courtesy of Boston Pizza.


Huskies Player of the Game is Michel while Damien Fulp gets the nod for the Eagles.