Vikings take on TKU Eagles

It is always a good game when TKU comes to town.

The first quarter of the game saw the teams both working hard as they raced up and down the court. The score was 30-16 for the Vikings at the end of the quarter.

The second quarter was just as intense, both teams dropping threes, and making lay ups. The Vikings also had the higher score this quarter with 53-36.

The third quarter of the game saw the Vikings play a little harder; their half time break giving them a little inspiration. The end score of this quarter was 79-56 for the Vikings.

The fourth and final quarter of the game was the most intense one of the entire game. This quarter saw both teams taking threes and making them. This made the crowd go wild. The final score of the game was 102-73.

Player of the game was awarded to the visiting Eagles, #3, Damien Fulp. For the hometown Augustana Vikings, was #21, Nathan Bowie.