Eagles lose tight match versus Vikings

Eagles lose tight match versus Vikings

The King's University Eagles took on the the University of Alberta - Augustana Vikings, in the rubber match of their game from the previous night. The Vikings were able to get back into the win column as they defeated the Eagles last night. For the Eagles, they will be look to exact revenge versus the Vikings tonight!

In the first half, both the Eagles and the Vikings looked to gain an advantage over the other. The Vikings looked to shoot over the underhanded Eagles, while the Eagles looked to stifle the opposition with their defence. The Eagles got off to a strong start and continued to build their lead throughout the half, as the Eagles finished the half up top 39-30.

In the second half, the Vikings came surging back as they were able to cut down the Eagles lead. TKU were able to hold on to their lead going into the final quarter. In the final frame, both teams battled hard for every point. The game came down to the last minute of the quarter, where the Vikings were able to buckle down and take the 76-73 victory over the Eagles. 

TKU will be going into their bye weekend looking to regroup and finish off their season strong. Their next game will be back at home Feb. 21 versus the Grand Prairie College Wolves. 

Player of the Game:
TKU Eagles: #3 Damian Fulp 
UAA Vikings: #7 Austin Brulotte