Vikings are victorious against the Portage College

The Augustana Vikings face off against the Portage Voyagers for tonight's game. 


Both teams come out strong to start the game with back to back shots on goal. #28, Biensch scored the first goal early setting the pace for the game. Augustana had the edge at the end of the first with a score of 1-0.  


Portage fought back but were not able to stop a second goal from #20, Martin. They regained their footing and brought the momentum back with a goal from #7, Ziobro. The score at the end of the second was 4-1 with two more goals from Augustana. The first of the two goals was scored by #4, Tambasco, assisted by #22, Mayan and #9, Roch. With the other being scored by #77, Sudom, and assisted by #22, Mayan, and #28, Biensch. 


#25, Lamb scored with an assist from #21, Hamly and #14, Groom. As well as#22, Mayan scored another goal with an assist from #17, Osczevski and #28, Biensch. Despite the score now being 6-1 Portage kept working hard. The hard work paid off as #15, Pryde scored with an assist by #11, Gerein, and #9, Dale. Augustana #22, Mayan scored the last goal of the game with an assist from #17, Osczevski and #28, Sherban. 


With a final score of 7-2 for the Augustana Vikings, the home fans went away happy. Both teams demonstrated excellent hockey and worked hard throughout. The game starts were awarded to #22, Mayan for Augustana, and #15, Pryde for Portage.