Vikings take on The NAIT Ooks

It's always an intense game when the NAIT Ooks come to town.

The first period of play only saw one goal, and that was by the Ooks, #10, Jared Legien; assisted by #4, Colton Waltz and #18, Jake Mykituk.

The second period had a lot more action. Within the first 10 seconds of play, the Vikings scored; #14, Ryan Groom, got the goal, assisted by #28, Lukas Biensch and #4 Joe Tambasco. Before the first minute of play was up, #14, Ryan Groom of the Vikings scored again - on the power play - this time with the help of #22, Travis Mayan, and #9, Tavis Roch. Not long after, the Ooks #13, Tyler Robertson, scored; assisted by #7, Taner Miller, and #21, Brayden Harris. The Ooks scored 3 more times after this. 

Making the score at the end of the second period, 5-2.

The third period had an equal amount of goals from both the Vikings and the Ooks, 2-2 to be exact. The first goal of the period was by the Ooks, #10, Jared Legien; assisted by #26, Shane Fraser, and #18, Jake Mykituk. The final goal of the period, and the game was by the Vikings #22, Travis Mayan, assisted by #9 Tavis Roch.

The final score of the game was 7-4, for the Ooks.

Player of the game for the visting NAIT Ooks was #5, Curtis Roach. For the hometown Augustana Vikings, player of the game was awarded to #12, Jase Smalcel.