MSOC | The Kodiaks serve the Trojans their first loss in two years

MSOC | The Kodiaks serve the Trojans their first loss in two years

Sept. 22, 2019 - The Kodiaks earned six points this weekend in a total team effort.

The game started off with an equal fight for the Kodiaks and the Trojans, both teams played hard in their defensive zones to keep the ball out. The teams became aggressive on the field as the fouls started to add up for both teams. The Trojans created plenty of opportunities on the counter attack but Lethbridge kept good defence all around. Goalkeeper Cody Ferguson of Lethbridge earned player of the game Saturday and played equally as well Sunday, saving multiple one on one opportunities.


On the 29th minute of the game, Kodiaks defensive player Joel Arrieus got a foul in his own penalty box which led to Trojans player Martin Bertolesi burying the shot on the right side of the keeper in a penalty kick. The Trojan's 1-0 lead did not last long as it took the Kodiaks just five minutes to tie the game. Kodiaks captain Ben Knight crossed the ball into the 18 yard box where there was a scramble amongst players however Sodiq Adekunle was able to get the last touch which found the back of the net.


The intensity of the game would only increase as both teams kept playing physical. On the 41st minute of the half, the Kodiaks started to keep more possession of the ball and just before half, it was Kodiaks player Owen Beers who headed the ball past Trojans keeper and onto the foot of Jimmy Bukuru who buried his first goal of the game. The Kodiaks would come back from behind and take a 2-1 into halftime. 


The Kodiaks started the second half on a high note as they dominated the Trojan's half. The Trojans played a good defensive half as well. The Kodiaks had a couple chances that did not produce as the Trojans kept a strong defensive performance. The game was just as physical as the first half as both added up a handful of yellow cards. The Kodiaks also kept a good performance on the defensive end. The game ended with a 2-1 win for the Kodiaks. 


The Kodiaks will go into their next home and away weekend looking to get another six points.


Players of The Game:

SAIT: #10 Yusuph Kalenga

LETH: #20 Owen Beers