SAIT takes down Rattlers in Medicine Hat

The Medicine Hat College Rattlers played host to the SAIT trojans. This was a huge match as the Trojans sat just ahead of the Rattlers on the standings. The game looked to be a very fast paced aggressive start to the match. Within the first two minutes multiple fouls had already been called. After an exceptionally dirty challenge saw SAIT midfielder Eduardo Filho receive a yellow card just minutes in. The rough play settled down a bit from here. The game was very back and forth with both teams using tremendous speed to generate the bulk of their chances. After allowing a few in their own end, the Rattlers turned up the energy and moved the bulk of the pay down to the SAIT end of the field. This lasted for only a few minutes before the majority of the play moved back to the middle. Neither team had any amazing chances but the best came from SAIT. A monster shot came from the top of the box, but Keeper Joao Bautista was able to get just a finger on it pushing it up and off the bar. The Rattlers responded with a few odd man rushes but were unable to generate any shots on target, with a few sailing just over the bar. Late in the half, a yellow card on SAIT sweeper Bradley Atherton grabbed on to Raouf Mohammed who was almost sprung on a breakaway. The free kick came up empty, and the teams headed in to the half with no score.

The second half started with an intensity that matched the first. A very evenly matched game, neither team seemed able to generate any momentum. Both teams came up with a few breakthrough runs and plays to generate a few shots on goal both ways, but neither team had legitimate scoring chances. One however came from SAIT on a scramble in front of the Rattlers net. The defense however was able to shut down the chances and keep the game scoreless. The teams were looking more desperate to score, playing more high risk balls in and taking more chances. The Rattlers forwards were able to produce a few long runs from half. A great chance came off one of these but again the game remained scoreless. SAIT broke the deadlock with 15 minutes remaining with a well placed strike off the foot of Zachary Michaud. Immediately following the goal, Medicine hat launched a rush down into the SAIT end. What appeared to be a foul went uncalled and the Rattlers again came up empty. A glorious chance to tie unfortunately wasted. SAIT went into lead protection mode and used their ball control to keep the ball deep in the Rattlers end. This prevented the Rattlers from making any other plays than long runs in from half. The Trojans put the game away in injury time scoring again to make to 2-0. This was the final as time ran out on a Rattlers Comeback.

The ACAC Players of the game were Yusuph Kalenga for SAIT and Colton Pacheco for MHC