Olds College Takes the WIn

Olds College Takes the WIn

Camrose, AB - Augustana Field.

Olds College took the win in a hard fought game against the Augustana Vikings. The warm weather encouraged the teams to bring their A game.

Number 11 for the Broncos, scored the first goal, assisted by number 5, 4 minutes into the game. Shortly after number 23 for the Vikings, scored a goal assisted by number 15, making the game 1-1. As the game progressed number 11 from the Broncos made an unassisted goal at 36 minutes. Only 6 minutes later number 11 scored again, this time with the help of number 15, who got the assist. Number 5 from the Broncos was the next one with a goal, at 58 minutes with the help of number 11. The next goal was by Broncos number 3 with the assist of number 5 at 70 minutes. Eight minutes later, at 78 minutes, 11 from the Broncos scored the final goal, assisted by number 10. 



Number 7, Travis Dolter, Augustana, and number 11, Fabian Romenida, demonstrated a exceptional game as they went home with player of the game! 


Even though great goals and plays were made by both teams, Broncos took the win with a final score of 6-1.