Rustlers Battle High Flying Ooks

Rustlers welcomed The Ooks to a chilly game on the 13th of October. The Rustlers came out hot scoring 3 minutes into the game giving them the offense the burst of life. However, NAIT was not fazed by the early goal, they would put pressure on the rustlers from all sides of the field giving the Rustlers a hard time with matchups, The Rustlers, would go into the second half with a 1-0 lead. Following a very aggressive first half, the second half would follow suit, With all the pressure that was being put on Rustlers keeper Zach Wagner, it would be hard for the Rustlers to give up the lead on a penalty kick. Mathew Zema wouldn't miss the opportunity given to him tieing the game up. the Ooks would score one more time to put away the game. NAIT Ooks take a 2-1 win over the rustlers.

Player Of The Game
#10 Cristian Lima
#11 Oore Peters