MVB | Kodiaks Dominate The Lions in 3 sets

MVB | Kodiaks Dominate The Lions in 3 sets

Oct. 27th The Kodiaks went looking for their second win against the Lions and were able to dominate the game once again in just six sets this weekend.

The Lions did not expect to lose by such a big gap at the end of the first set. The Kodiaks came in strong winning the first set 25-11.

With another strong set for the Kodiaks the Ambrose coach frantically called a time out to re-group his teams' thoughts. Both teams come out swinging hard but, the power from the Kodiaks were no match for the Lions defensive line. Carter Hansen surprises the Lions Libero with a huge hit from the back row gaining them another point allowing the Kodiaks to hold the lead.

The Kodiaks dominated the court a second time and ended up winning the set 25-19. They did not give much comfort room for Ambrose heading into the third.

Moving into the third set the Kodiaks continued to put on the offensive pressure. They forced the Lions to call multiple time outs to see how they could hold up against Lethbridge's attacks. Michael Hummel did not give the Lions much of a chance to settle after their time out as he unleashed an incredible spike which kept the Kodiaks with a safe lead and lots of momentum. Finishing the final set with a score of 25-11.

With two comfortable wins for the Kodiaks against the Lions they close out their Halloween weekend without a fright.


Players of the Game:

Kodiaks: #1 Tony Albizatti

Lions: #14 Mark Fountain