Clippers sweep Lions at home

The Clippers and the Lions played the rematch on Saturday afternoon, the result was another Clippers win, sweeping the Lions. The scores coming to 25-17, 25-15 and 25-18.

The first set started off with a Clippers drive to win, pulling ahead with a 13-8 lead halfway into the set. The Clippers held their ground and won the set 25-17.

The Clippers came with heat off the start of the second set, up 13-6 halfway into the set. And being able to maintain the lead the lead to a 25-15 set win. A huge part to this contribution was #5 Mitch Erickson with 9 digs and 8 kills.

The fourth set was tight, the Lions looking to keep the match alive. Midway through the set the Clippers were up 13-11. The Clippers went on for a 9-4 run taking the set 25-18 and finishing the match and weekend sweep.

Player of the game for Ambrose was #5 Adrian Strandberg with 11 digs and 9 kills and 2 aces. For Briercrest #7 Javier Alvarez obtained player of the game with 7 digs 5 kills and 2 aces.