MVB | Kodiaks look to make a comeback against the Kings but come up short

MVB | Kodiaks look to make a comeback against the Kings but come up short

February 9, 2019 - The Kodiaks look for a comeback as they compete against the Kings once again in their home gym.

The tension from yesterday's match carried into the first set of Saturday's game. As set one went on, it was easy to see that both team would be fighting until the very end. The competition remained fierce however the Kings snuck ahead near the end with a score of 25-23.

Carter Hansen of Lethbridge made history during set one as he became the fifth player in ACAC history to earn 1,000 kills. Hansen would finish the game with a total of 26 kills.

As we moved into set two, the Kodiaks took charge and put some offensive plays into motion. With this forceful attack, the Kings were pressured into calling a time-out in attempts of stopping Lethbridge's offense.

Without holding anything back in set two, the Kodiaks would tie the game with a set a piece. Finishing set two with a score of 25-22.

Intensity progressed heading into third set as Regan Fathers of Red Deer and Carter Hansen of Lethbridge each made nine kills. Each team pounced on the opportunity to attack and capitalize on their opponents mistakes.

As we neared the end of the third set, the Kings went ahead winning this set with a score of 26-24.

In an incredibly tight fourth set, each team would battle for every point. Desperation began to set in for the Kodiaks as the Kings had the opportunity to end the game here. Dax Whitehead from the Kodiaks squad made seven kills and kept his composure on the court for his team however this would not be enough.

With plenty of exciting dives, hits, passes and digs the Kings finished the game with a score of 34-32. The Val Matteotti gym was full of energy but it was not enough to push their Kodiaks to the win.

As the game ended, coach Greg Gibos made an impactful tribute to player of the game Dax Whitehead. The Lethbridge Kodiaks retired Whitehead's jersey and while the game did not end the way they would have liked, they were able to celebrate an impressive student-athlete.

Players of The Game:

Kings: #08 Mark Dewit

Kodiaks: #12 Dax Whitehead