Rattler win in Season Finale

The SAIT Trojans headed south to Medicine Hat to face off with the Ratters. With playoffs out of the picture, the Rattlers were simply playing for pride. The home side got off to a hot start and outscored the Trojans early in the frame. They were able to jump out to a 11-6 lead, forcing SAIT to take an early timeout. out of the break the teams traded side-outs as the game started to even out. The Rattlers were able to hold control, not allowing the Trojans to make any ground. They extended the lead and doubled the Trojans score at 18-9. With the score now out of reach, the Rattlers only needed to cruise to take a first set victory. Continuing the string play they took the first set 25-13 easily taking the first.

The Rattlers were able to carry their momentum over to the second set, taking a 4-2 lead on the back of some great blocking and net play. They continued to pull away with strong attacking and defense and took a 9-3 lead. This big deficit early forced the SAIT bench to take a timeout. The Trojans came back to narrow the margin forcing the home side to take a timeout. Coming out of the break the teams looked much more even, with side-outs going both ways and the score climbing up. The Rattlers again took control of the set and exploded back to a 7 point lead, 18-11. This forced the Trojans to take their second timeout. The break seemed to help as the visitors scored 3 straight to narrow the margin to 4. Once again the Rattlers responded and took over late in the set. The home side cruised to a 25-17 second set win taking a 2-0 sets lead.

The third set opened with a record breaking pass. The Rattlers Alfred Dalevik broke the Rattlers all time digs record from his Coach Brenden Lutz. The teams remained even in the beginning stages of the set with no real advantage early. SAIT took advantage of some Rattler errors and were able to open up a lead 7-4. The Trojans extended their lead to 4 with another Rattlers error. The Rattlers errors continued to mount and they found themselves down 6, 12-6. This forced the home side to take an early timeout. This timeout allowed the Rattlers to regroup but did not allow them to make up tons of ground. The Trojans took control again late in the set and extended the lead. now 20-13, the Rattlers took their second timeout. The Rattlers failed to re-gain any control and SAIT took the second set 25-18 still trailing 2 sets to 1.

The Trojans took their momentum into the second set scoring the first 3 points of the set. They continued this momentum forcing quick side-outs on Rattlers serves. They continued to control the set as they led 7-3 early on. This was not helped by the Rattlers errors happening all over the court. Finally the Rattlers found their groove and reduced the Trojans lead to 2. As quickly as the rattlers came back, they fell behind 5 again quickly. This forced the Home side to take a timeout trailing 9-14. The Trojans scored again on a Rattlers quickly and again extended their lead. The Rattlers slowly chipped away at the substantial lead bringing themselves closer. As soon as the momentum seemed to be in the Rattlers favor, the Trojans would take back over and extend the lead again. They led late 22-16 and only needed to coast to tie the match at 2 sets each. The Rattlers again started to chip away but it was too little too late and the Trojans took the 4th set 25-20 and tied the match at 2 sets each.

The 5th set started with the Rattlers jumping out to a 4-1 lead quickly. The home side looked to finish quickly and at 5-1 the Trojans took a timeout to regroup. The Trojans were able to make a side out coming off the break, but the Rattlers responded immediately. The Trojans cut the lead in half making it 6-3 on a rattler error. Another Rattler error saw the lead now reduced to 2 and the Trojans in striking distance. The Rattlers scored the next point to regain their lead. The Rattlers took an 8-5 lead into the court switch. Coming off the switch, SAIT scored 3 straight to even the game at 8. This forced the Rattlers to take their first timeout. the score remained tied at 10 and both teams looked to gain control. The Rattlers scored 2 straight and took a 12-10 lead. They scored the next point and forced SAIT to take a timeout. The Rattlers only needed to trade serves and side-outs to take the victory. They scored the next point and had a chance to serve for the match. The Rattlers took it 15-12 and 3 sets to 2