Rustlers lose the last game of the season against the Ooks

After losing Friday night at NAIT and getting knocked out of playoff it was a thought how the Rustlers would perform in tonight's game. The first set would start off slow as there was very little energy from the Rustlers side. The match would go be close however till the end as neither team could get a run going. The Rustlers lose the first set to the visiting Ooks 23-25. The second set would be very similar to the first as the Ooks controlled the floor most of the game, the Rustlers would rotate through the small bench they do have as first year Lane Blight would enter the game for the Rustlers and set most of the second. In the third, it seemed to be a different Rustlers team than the first two sets as they came back off a 4 point deficit to eventually pull out a 27-25 win over the Ooks. Mathew Pilgram would serve for the Rustlers which helped with the comeback, alongside great back row defense by Matt Peck and JC Funez. In the end the Ooks were able to take back the momentum they had in the first two set and take the fourth one off the Rustlers. The Rustlers lose the game 1-3 against the NAIT Ooks. The player of the game for the Rustlers #13 Lane Blight 33 assists. Player of the game for the Ooks #9 Daniel Ward with 6 kills.