Vikings play a tough match against the Huskies

The Vikings faced the Huskies in a tough played match. The visiting Keyano Huskies here for the first of two games this weekend. 

The first set of the game was not how the fans expected it to go, the Huskies putting on their A-game right from the start. The first set ended with a score of 25 - 12 for the Huskies. In second set the Vikings were warming up, getting in more kills in, but ultimately, the Huskies won the second set with a score of 25 - 19. The start of the third set the vikings were bringing on the heat, but the Huskies kept their cool and took the win with a score of 25 - 21. 

The Huskies won the game 3 - 0.

Player of the game for the visiting Keyano Huskies was #1, Cameron Visscher and the home team, #14, Connor Sinnamon.