Rustlers Lose at Home

The Lakeland College Men's Rustlers take on the NAIT Ooks in a highly anticipated matchup. The Rustlers fell to the Ooks in a tight match on the road last night. The Rustlers were looking for revenge with a first set win over the Ooks giving them the spark they needed. The Rustlers lost the second set with a score 25-20 tieing the sets at 1-1. The Rustlers would take back the set lead in the third set. The Rustlers would fall in the 4th set and would take a massive hit in that set. Coach Taylor Dyer would role the bench in the 4th preparing for the 5th set. The Ooks would come out strong taking a 6-2 lead however the Rustlers would bring the game back into reach. With each team trading blow for blow, The NAIT Ooks would come out on top giving them the 3-2 win over Lakeland College Rustlers