Men's Comeback for Weekend Split

The Lakeland College Rustlers were looking to bounce back and tie the weekend with the Wolves. After losing last night and losing a couple of key players the Rustlers had a battle ahead of them

The Rustlers were looking to come out hot, But the Wolves would slow the game down and take the first set with a score of

The Rustlers weren't okay with trailing the whole first set and would look to make some changes. The wolves would keep the pace of the game, however, and Take the 2-0 set lead.

The Rustlers were trailing the whole third set till a yellow card to head coach Taylor Dyer would give his team an extra push. With the Rustlers closing a 6 point deficit to win the set they would keep there hopes alive

In the fourth set, each team would trade blows giving back and forth lead changes. The Wolves faced to match points but were unable to finish off the Rustlers.

Heading into the 5th and final set each team was hungry for the final point. With the Wolves taking an early lead in the set the pressure would be on the Rustlers. The Rustlers would go ahead and win an amazing game.