Vikings last home game until the New Year

Vikings take on Concordia Thunder for their final home game until the new year. 

The first set saw the Vikings take the win with a score of 25-9. It had the home team fans reved for the second set.

The second set was a lot closer in score, making the fans sit on the edge of their seats. The Vikings won it with a score of 25-22. 

The third set Thunder stepped up their game even more. They took the set with a score of 26-24.

The fourth set of the game was an intense one, as both teams were trying their hardest to win the set. The Vikings pulled ahead to take the set with a score of 25-16.

Final set score was 3-1. 

Player of the game for the visiting Concordia Thunder was number 10,Brenan Kuffert. For the home team was number 10, Owen Murray.