Lions Scare Kodiaks

Lions Scare Kodiaks

While the Lions would give the Lethbridge a scare tonight, it wasn't meant to be as after going down 0-2 the Kodiaks would go on to win the next 3 sets and ultimately the game 3-2.

While ranked #9 in the country, the Kodiaks looked vulnerable tonight.

Early on in the game, the Kodiaks worked hard to establish right-side, Michael Kindley however the Lions were not having it tonight.  Terrific defense and tough serving from the Lions put the Kodiaks out of system throughout the first 2 sets and allowed the Lions neutralize what typically is a powerful Kodiak offense. 

Ambrose came out with a lot of energy and thanks for a bunch of uncharacteristic Lethbridge errors allowed the Lions to gain some hope and believe early that they could upset the Kodiaks. 

The Lions jumped out to a 14-8 lead and would cruise to a 25-18 first set win.

The 2nd set saw the Lions again, start fast, going up 8-3, as they continued to win the serve pass battle.  Josh Nickel served back-to-back aces, putting the Lions up 16-9.

Stephen Jones being able to play after being injured for the past few weeks helped change the look of the Lions offense and defense as he had multiple blocks and kills for Ambrose.

Lethbridge would gain some momentum, late in the set, closing the gap to 4 at 22-18, the Lions would ultimately win the set 25-19 and take a stranglehold of the match.

Set 3, saw Lethbridge continue to tinker with their line-up as they started outside Tony Albizzati at libero and brought Nolen Moes into the game to hit in his spot.

Quinn Buchanan in the middle started to put his stamp on the game in the 3rd set along with Left-side Carter Hansen.

Lethbridge would get out to an early 7-2 lead and while the Lions clawed their way back into the match, as they would bring the game to within 1 at 20-21, the experience of the Kodiaks would come though as when they needed it the most, they played their best.

A couple of tips late in the set by Hansen and Buchanan would lead to a 25-20 set win for Lethbridge.

Set 4, saw the Lions start to tighten up as their offence really started to slow down and their serve which was so good in the first 2 sets, started failing them.

After an early 3 point lead for the Kodiaks, the Lions would never be able to again come back and take the lead as they fell 19-25 in the 4th.

The experience of the Kodiaks in the 5th really showed itself as after being tied 2-2, the Kodiaks would run away with the set winning 15-6.  The Lions struggled to put the ball away as in the 5th, the Lions had just as many attack errors as kills.

Player of the game awards were presented to Mark Fountain for Ambrose and Carter Hansen for Lethbridge.