Vikings take on the Wolves in First Home Game

Vikings take on GPRC Wolves for their first home game of the new year. 

The first set was an intense one. Both teams were bringing their all for their first conference game of the new year. The first set saw the Wolves take the win with a close score of 25-21. 

In the second set the teams both pushed even harder, but with the home team fans cheering caused the Vikings to kick things up a notch. The Vikings won the second set with a score of 25-19. 

The third set Vikings showed that were not going down without a fight, taking the lead for the beginning of the set. The Wolves started to pull ahead near the end of the set. The Wolves took the third set with a score of 25-17.

The forth set was another close set. It seemed as if the teams were tied for every point. Final score of the forth was 26-24 for the Wolves.

Final set score was 4- 1. 

Player of the game for the visiting GPRC Wolves was number 5, Andrew Fogle. For the Augustana Vikings was number 13, Duncan McDonald.