Trojans Sweep Rattlers

The SAIT Trojans were in Medicine Hat to take on the Rattlers. This their second match in two nights, the Rattlers hoped for a better result than the night previous, a straight sets loss. The Trojans hoped to keep rolling on their first place season. The Rattlers opened the set with a 3 hit kill to side-out early. The Trojans matched and the first set was underway. Medicine Hat got off to a 3-1 lead with the help of an Aleksa Zivic ace. They added another with a block and had opened up an early advantage. The Rattlers added to their lead off another huge block and a backrow attack. The Rattlers actually looked to be the better team early in the set. Down 7-2, the SAIT bench called for a timeout in an effort to regroup. The teams traded side-outs coming off the break, but the Rattlers still held their lead. The Trojans started to battle back reducing the Rattler lead to 2 coming back to 8-10. The Rattlers earned back he serve but lost it straight away and let the Trojans back within 1. SAIT leveled the score at 13 before taking a 14-13 lead. The Rattlers battled back to regain a 16-14 advantage and even took the next point for a 3 point lead. Another scramble, and another Rattler point, they had regained some momentum. With the Rattlers up 21-17 the Trojans took their second timeout in an effort to regroup. The Rattlers scored coming out of the break and took a 22-17 lead. The Trojans battled back but the Rattlers were able to hold on for a 25-21 first set victory.

The second set opened with a quick point from the Trojans followed up with another one on a Rattler error. A second Rattler error in a row saw SAIT open up a 3-0 lead before the Rattlers could respond. The Trojans again used their big offence to score quickly but the Rattlers refused to quit on any ball. The Trojans held a 6-3 lead early in the set after a few traded side-outs. SAIT grabbed control again taking a 9-4 lead. After a greasy tip, the Trojans added another up 10-4 and forcing the Rattlers to take a timeout. The Rattlers came out of the break to score 2 straight and reduce the Trojan lead to 4. SAIT re-took their lead even extending it now up 14-8 with the help of Maddux Greves' serves. The Rattlers again chipped away and reduced the lead to 4 before the Trojans once again earned a side-out. SAIT took over again with Tyler Latu'ila serving for a few points and again increasing the lead 20-12. The Rattlers did not give up as the set looked out of reach but rather fought for every point harder. Fighting hard, the Rattlers started to close the gap only trailing 17-21 late in the set. SAIT had built up too much of a lead for the Rattlers to come back and was able to win a tight set, 25-19 with the Rattlers committing bad errors in the set.

The Third set started with the teams trading points and side-outs early as the score moved quickly through the first part of the set. The Trojans started to open up an advantage as the score neared the halfway point. The Trojans went on another run opening up a 12-6 lead. This forced the Rattlers to take an early timeout. They come out of the break hard and were able to start to cut into the Trojan lead. This seemed to lift the Trojans as well who responded in turn and were able to extend their lead once again. SAIT was up 20-12 with the set in hand, but again the Rattlers continued to push and started to narrow the lead late in the set. At 22-17, the Rattlers needed some points in order to finish the comeback. They got their first on a SAIT miscue, but the Trojans responded to make it 23-18. The Trojans held on for a 25-20 victory taking a 2-1 set lead.

The Rattlers were able to grab a quick 2-0 lead in the fourth set on 2 Trojan errors. The third came on an ace and the Rattlers held a 3-0 lead. After a quick side out both ways the game settled in to a back and forth affair. The Rattlers held an 8-5 lead holding on to the early advantage they earned. The Trojans battled back to trail 8-9 and the Rattlers took their first timeout. The Rattlers came out of the break to take the first side-out, but lost the next two points and saw the set even at 10 before they regained serve. The teams traded serves and side-outs as the score passed the midway point neither side with a real advantage. The Rattlers held a small leas up 17-14 with the serve, as the set approached the final stages. SAIT battled right back tying the set at 18 and forcing the Rattlers to take their second timeout. Medicine Hat won the point coming out of the break but could not hold serve as the score was tied, 19-19. As the teams traded side-outs the score stayed even. 2 aces from Maddux Greeves gave the Trojans a late advantage up 23-21. The Rattlers tied it at 23, forcing SAIT to take a time out. Trading side-outs, the teams were tied at 24. The Trojans scored twice to take a 26-24 win and a 3-1 win.