Huskies regroup to defeat Ooks in Three Straight

Saturday February 8, 2020

Syncrude Sport & Wellness Centre

Canadian Natural Gymnasium

Opponent: NAIT Ooks


Keyano 3 NAIT 0 25-21 25-22 25-23

Set 1

Keyano  25 NAIT 21

Looking to regroup after last night's 3-2 loss, the Huskies come out with a solid defence and offence much to the delight of the fan base at Canadian Natural Gymnasium.

Ooks take timeout down 11-7.

Huskies' Joao Cunha with a few bangos.

Ooks' Spencer Fisher, who is currently profiled on the ACAC website, getting airtime for some timely kills.

Ooks' Radoslaw Brzozowski playing smart volleyball.


Set 2

Keyano 25  NAIT 22

A few on-court communication errors by Huskies allow the Ooks to go up 7-5. After a Cunha kill the Ooks take timeout down 11-9.

Huskies' Athus Silva gets the point 13-10 on an unusual rally which had at least six balls coming close to hitting the high roof.


Set 3

Keyano  25 NAIT 23

Ooks start the set with some strong triple blocks to go up 4-0. With Cunha at the line and Silva blocking, the Brazilian Blizzard is connecting, the Huskies regain the lead.

Ooks' Winston Voogd timely kills to keep visitors close.

Solid hit by Huskies' Connor Clark ties it up 20-20. A Clark service ace makes it 22-20.


Huskies Player of the Game is Cunha.

Ooks Player of the Game is Mitch Lewington.