Rattlers Push Kodiaks to 5 Set Marathon

The Lethbridge College Kodiaks headed east down the Number 3 highway to take on the Medicine Hat College Rattlers in the second half of the home and home weekend series. The Kodiaks were coming off a straight sets victory and again looked to make quick work of the Rattlers. Medicine Hat took an early 2 point lead, up 7-5 in the early going. The Kodiaks were able to use their high powered attack to help to start to chip away at the Rattler lead, but the Home side always had an answer. The teams looked fairly balanced and evenly matched as the set moved into the middle. Neither team able to generate momentum, the Rattlers 13-10 led looked massive comparing it to the evenness of the play so far. But it was the Kodiaks who swung the momentum in their direction taking a 17-16 lead as the set entered its final stages. The Kodiaks were able to open the door just another crack as they increased the lead to 19-17 forcing the Rattlers to take a timeout. The Teams traded side-outs coming out of the break but the Kodiaks furthered their advantage on another Rattler error. The Kodiaks held a 23-20 lead late and looked to close out the first set quickly. The Rattlers battled back to tie the set at 24 before giving up 2 straight points and losing the first set. The Kodiaks took the first set 27-25 to take a 1 set lead.

The second set started with the teams trading serves and side-outs for the first part of the set. This continued as the score slowly climbed up with neither team gaining any advantage. The Kodiaks were able to open up a lead in the middle of the set jumping out to a 4 point lead. The Rattlers quickly erased this and cut the deficit to 1, down 17-18. The Kodiaks again pulled away, going up 21-18 as the set entered the final stages. The Rattlers quickly battled back to tie the set at 22. With the help of some strong net play.  The Rattlers were able to keep all their momentum and cruised to a 25-22 second set victory, leveling the match at one set each.

The Third set started off with the Kodiaks making a block to open the set, the Rattlers took control from here making 4 straight and opening up a 4-2 lead early in the set. The Kodiaks came back to tie the set at 4 quickly due to Rattlers errors. They took the lead 5-4 and looked to gain some momentum. A missed serve was not good for this as the set leveled off at 5 each. The Teams continued to trade serves and side-outs as the score slowly worked up. The Rattlers were able to open up a small 11-9 lead as the set moved into the middle stages not a safe cushion in anyone's mind. In fact the Kodiaks re took the lead quickly going up 15-13 as the set moved past the mid point. The Kodiaks were able to start to keep the momentum going, taking a 17-14 lead. The Rattlers swung the momentum back but still trailed 16-17 as the set moved into the late stages. The score was knotted up at 19 with the Rattlers serving, the Rattlers held serve and were able to take the service advantage before the Kodiaks tied it up at 20. The score remained tied up to 25 each until the Kodiaks served 2 straight to take a 27-25 win to go up 2 sets to 1.

The fourth set opened with the Kodiaks getting the first 2 points with the help of a Rattler error. The Rattlers got on the board and put up 3 straight to take a 3-2 lead. From here the teams traded points and side-outs as the score slowly crept out of the beginning stages of the set. at 8-8 the teams found themselves evenly matched once again. The score continued to alternate as the score climbed past the midway point to show a 15-15 scoreboard. This did not change at all as the score remained 21 all in the late stages of the set. the Rattlers were able to string together 2 serves right at the crucial point of the set taking a 25-23 4th set victory and forcing a 5th set.

The 5th set looked like the first 4, with both teams starting off trading points. The Kodiaks were able to come up with 2 big blocks to take a 5-3 lead early in the set. Another Kodiak point saw the Rattlers burn an early timeout to get back in the set before it got out of hand. The Kodiaks lead into the court switch but marginally up 8-7 after the Rattlers came back. The Kodiaks used the switch to jump out to a 11-8 lead after the first few points fell in their favor. The Rattlers found themselves needing some points to work back late and called a timeout in an effort to do so. The Kodiaks continued to keep their advantage leading 14-11. The Kodiaks took the 5th set 15-11

The ACAC Players of the game were Carter Hanses for LC and Ty Moline for MHC