Vikings win against the Rustlers for their last home game of the season!

The crowd is full for the last game of the season as the Augustana Vikings face off against the Lakeland Rustlers. 


The first set starts off well with back to back points for both teams. With a score of 13-15 for Rustlers, Rustlers #5 Cole Sutherland serves to start the rally getting his team the point. Vikings come out the middle court huddle, ready and determined. Vikings #9 Greg Kaliel serves an ace to bring the gap within a point for his team. The first set ended with a score of 30-28 for the Rustlers. 


With a game score of 1-0 for the Rustlers, the Vikings came out the second set hoping to win to keep them in the game. Both Coaches Taylor Dyer for the Rustlers and Devin Varga for Vikings called out words of encouragement for their teams during such an intense time. Vikings players and fans cheered as the score was 16-13 when Rustlers called a timeout. The second set ended with a score of 21-25 for the Vikings. 


The third set went well with both teams fighting hard. The Augustana Vikings won the 3rd set with a score of 25-18. The game score was 2-1 for the Vikings. 


The game was leaning towards Vikings because of their set up on the Rustlers but could've still gone either way.  Vikings #8, Evan Richard scored 3 points in a row, helping the Vikings start the set of up by 7. Rustlers give it their best shot but are unable to come out victorious losing the fourth, and final set. The fourth set finished with a score of 25-10. The Vikings take the win against the Rustlers for the last home game of the season, 3 sets to 1.

Player of the game was awarded to the visiting Rustlers #15 Mason Short, and the hometown Vikings #13 Duncan McDonald.