Rustlers Sweep Eagles

Rustlers start the game with the up tempo play you are use to see however where unable to convert on may of the plays. The Rustlers start their there scoring off with a nice 3 point by shooter Kaitlyn Tonita. The first quarter end with the Rustlers only up 5 points, it would continue to be a low scoring game for both teams to end the first. The second quarter would be a reflection of the first where the Rustlers kept with the up tempo play but failed to convert on may of their opportunities. The Rustlers go into half only up 6 points. The second half of the game would see a completely different Rustlers team. The Rustlers came out stong and continued their dominate perfomance through the rest of the game. The  Rustler were able to convert in the paint and hit a couple jumpers to out score the Eagles by 10 points in the thrid quarter. By the fourth the Eagles looked tired and were unable to find a way to the basket only scoring 6 points to the Rustler 17. The Rustlers were able to role through their bench an all 12 players seen the floor. The Rustlers take another win for their record with a 66-39 victory over the Eagles.

The player of the game for the Rustlers #12 Bilge Topaloglu with 12 points, 9 rebound and 1 block. The player of the game for the Eagles #10 Casey Belway with 5 points and 2 rebounds.