Rattlers Clinch 1st in win Over Lightning

In the final game of the season, the St. Mary's Lightning headed south to take on the Medicine Hat College Rattlers. The Rattlers in first, and the Lightning in 4th, both teams were headed to the post season. The Game saw potential to break several records for the Rattlers. The teams opened with fast paced play coming from both sides. The Rattlers Kuntz hit her first 3 of 4 required to break a record. The Rattlers Muir followed this up with a 3 of her own. This allowed the home side to take a 4 point lead, 8-4. This 4 point lead held as the teams traded baskets back and forth, both teams able to find the basket early. time quickly passed as the halfway point of the quarter passed and both sides continued to press. The first foul of the game was called on the Rattlers and the Lightning immediately committed one of their own. The Rattlers were able to expand the lead to 7, now leading 7-10. The offence of both sides stalled a bit and the scoring slowed down in the later stages of the quarter. The Drought was finally broken by the Lightnings Emily Wagner who drove inside for the easy layup. The Rattlers Responded with a fast break and Kate Rozdeba earning a trip to the line. She hit 1 of 2 and the lead was 6. The Lightning cut into the lead again late and the Rattler lead at the break 18-14.

The second quarter opened with a Lightning miss followed up by a Rattler miss on the other end. The Lightning broke through first but the Rattlers again responded right away. The Rattlers continued to play tough on the defensive end, not allowing the Lightning any clean lanes to the basket. This translated on the offensive side too with the Rattlers gobbling up offensive rebounds. They converted on only a few of these opportunities for second chance points and the Lightning continued to hang around. As the quarter passed halfway the Rattlers held a slim lead, 28-22. The Home side quickly built on their lead and jumped out to a 36-24 lead. the Lightning continued to fight as they continued to shoot but failed to find the basket. Still, there was no quit and the St. Mary's squad scrapped and clawed for every loose ball. As the half ended, the Rattlers had held on to, and expanded their lead, 37-27.

The Rattlers had been a particularly strong 3rd quarter team at home this season. They hoped to continue this and put the Lightning away quickly. The Rattlers started uncharacteristically cold to start the half. They finally broke through on an and one play from Morgan Muir. Muir missed from the line, but the Rattlers turned it around grabbing the rebound and hitting a 3 pointer. The Lightning were again able to find the basket  and stayed within reach of the home side. The clock quickly passed in the fast paced quarter and the halfway point passed with almost no whistles. The teams again went cold and struggled to score. The Lightning used this to their advantage and started to chip away slowly at the Rattlers advantage. The Rattlers starters returned to the floor and were again able to take advantage and control the game. Able to restore their 10 point lead, the Rattlers ended the quarter leading 53-42.

The 4th quarter started with the Rattlers scoring a quick basket. This frustrated the lightning bench who called a fast timeout. This did not seem to make a big difference as Medicine Hat was able to control the play and expand their lead. The teams continued to battle back and forth with the Rattler lead remaining intact. Finally finding their offence, the Rattlers increased their lead and let at the midway point 65-48. Finally hitting her 4th 3 pointer of the game, Kendell Kuntz took over the 2nd spot on the ACAC all time list. With this milestone hit, and the Rattlers lead over 20, the Rattlers bench entered the game. The Bench continued to hold the Lightning at bay as the clock continued to wind down. The Rattlers ultametly took the game 76-52, clincing 1st place in the ACAC South.