Vikings finish strong with a win against Nait Ooks

Something must have been in the air tonight because both the Augustana Vikings and the Nait Ooks came out strong and ready to play. The scores were started out close with a score of 19-21 for the Ooks at the end of the first period. The teams worked together and found their groove as they went into the second with a half time score of 36 for Vikings and 27 for Ooks. Ooks coach gave them a pep talk and the team managed to score 13 more points making the score at the end of the third period 47-40 for Vikings. The fans were on the edge of their seats because of the constant back and forth battle. Despite Ooks best effort to close the game, they just couldn't hit the final 3 they needed to tie up the game and make it go into overtime. The final score was 60-57 for the Vikings. Player of the game was: from visiting Ooks #6 Carly McHarg, and from the home team Vikings #4 Katie Ballhorn.