GPRC Host Double Header Against Concorida Universtiy

GPRC Host Double Header Against Concorida Universtiy

The Wolves welcomed the Concordia Thunder to their gym for their Home Opener.

The Thunder opened the quarter on an 11-0 run, in front of a busy season opener crowd. Coach Bradley called a time out half way through. Kelly Reid came out of the time out and scored a 3 point bucket. The offense was sparse as the quarter ended 16-5 Thunder.

Concordia started the scoring in the second and the Wolves followed. Wolves tried to close the 11 point gap. Concordia point scorer was lead by #13 Leah Piekema with 11 points at half. Half ended 36-19 for the Thunder.

Half time was brought to you by the Adrenaline Athletics Cheer Team. Three different age groups performed a variety of cheers as they entertained the crowd.

Lots of scoring in the second half. Wolves doubled their points and then some. Wolves came back from a 30 point deficit to end the game 52-73. Kelly Ried drained a 3 from the baseline in the last few seconds.

Player of the Game for the Concordia Thunder was #13 Leah Piekema with 23 points and for the GPRC Wolves #14 Caitlin Paul with 9 points . Both teams are back in action tomorrow at 1pm at the GPRC gymnasium.