GPRC Host Double Header Against Concorida Universtiy

GPRC Host Double Header Against Concorida Universtiy

The Wolves welcomed the Concordia Thunder to their gym for their Home Opener weekend. Coming off a lose the Wolves were looking for a win.

First bucket of the game goes to the Wolves from #14 Caitlin Paul. The Wolves picked up 2 early fouls and went up 5-0 before the Thunder scored. First half ended 15:7 for the Thunder.

The Wolves opened the scoring in the second and didn't score again until 4 minutes left. The Concordia scoring was lead by #7 Kaelyn Bryks with 8 points in the first half. Wolves point leader was #15 Kelly Reid with 6 points. The half ended 25:17 for the Thunder.

The second half was lead by the Concordia offense. The Wolves could not find a way to close the gap and the game ended 71:30.

Player of the Game for the Concordia Thunder was #9 Ann Ulmer with 12 points and 10 rebounds and for the GPRC Wolves #5 Kelsey McQuaig.