WBB | Kodiaks take control to defeat the Lions

WBB | Kodiaks take control to defeat the Lions

Nov. 2, 2019- The Kodiaks were back in action on their home court against the Ambrose Lions, striving for another win under their belt.

Kirsten Barwegen of Lethbridge started off the game strong, putting the Kodiaks on the scoreboard within the first few seconds of the quarter. The Lions were not far behind, with Sarah Burnell tying up the score, not making it easy on the Kodiaks. Lethbridge maintained possession throughout the first quarter which allowed them to have a comfortable lead as they went into the second quarter.

The Kodiaks continued to dominate the court in the second quarter, not letting anything near their basket, and by demonstrating an impressive offensive performance. The Lions fought hard to stay in the game, however the Kodiaks stood their ground, keeping the gap between them. The Kodiaks took the lead closing out the first half with a score of 40-25.

Momentum of the game continued as the Kodiaks showed impressive skills on both offense and defense. Ambrose continued to take shots not giving up that easy, but they were getting tired. Gerald Brand, coach of the Lions made the decision to call a time out and regroup his team, however Lethbridge came back on the court making two quick three pointers before the end of the third quarter.

Lethbridge kept a strong lead and showed their passion on the court. The Lions were no match for the Kodiaks as they entered the fourth and final quarter. Kristen Barwegen and Brook Baker dominated the score board, Kristen with 13 points and Brook with 18 points. The Lions second year Tegan McArthur and first year Sarah Burnell carried their team through the game, however it was not enough finishing the game with score of 84-46 for the Kodiaks.


Player of the Game:

Lions: #22 Sarah Burnell

Kodiaks: #13 Brook Baker