Vikings take on the Wolves

The Augustana Vikings take on the GPRC Wolves in the first of two back-to-back home games.


During the first quarter of play, both teams were hustling up and down the court; both teams' fans were cheering their loudest. The first period ended with a score of 18-4, in favour of the Vikings.


The second quarter of play saw both the Wolves and Vikings picking up their game. Racing down the court, going shot for shot; trying to make as many baskets as possible. This quarter ended with a score of 37-17, still in favour of the Vikings. 


This mentality carried on to the third quarter with neither team letting up. Each team gaining more points until it ended with a score of 56-34. 


The last quarter of play left the two teams within 11 baskets of each other; the final score was 74-52 for the Vikings. 


Player of the game for the visiting GPRC Wolves was #10,  Lanes Challis; and the Home team, #12, Tobre Okome.