WBB | Kodiaks lose their winning streak to the Rattlers

WBB | Kodiaks lose their winning streak to the Rattlers

Nov. 9, 2019 – The Lethbridge College Kodiaks were back in action against their south division rivals, the Medicine Hat Rattlers. Striving to keep their winning streak alive.   

Karli McLachlan of Lethbridge started the game off strong with a beautiful three pointer from the right side of the court within the first minute of the game. Even though the Kodiaks got an early lead, the Rattlers stayed close in their tracks, challenging their defense everyway they could until they finally managed to take the lead by just 1 point headed into the second quarter.

Rattlers fourth year, Paige Cooper put the 19th point on the board after she was fouled by Kodiaks first year, Jennafer Taylor. However, the Kodiaks were quick to come back, as Emily Greeno successfully executed a three-point shot, putting them just ahead of the Rattlers. It continued to be an intensely close game as both teams battled back and forth. As the second quarter ended, the Rattlers kept it close with a score of 31-28.

The Rattlers kept their momentum into the third quarter as they continued demonstrating impressive skills on offensive. Kodiaks continued to fight back, not allowing the Rattlers to get jump far ahead. The battle stayed consistent with the Rattlers having the lead, but the Kodiaks were just a few points behind, striving to take the lead headed into the fourth and final quarter of the night.

Katelyn Rozdeba of Medicine Hat came in hot putting another couple baskets on the board in the first few seconds of the fourth quarter. The Kodiaks struggled to get by the Rattlers defense and make the shots needed to take control of the game. The Rattlers continued to hold a forceful presence on the court with an impressive defense performance in the 4th quarter. This allowed Medicine Hat to take the game 61-50


Players of the Game:

Rattlers: #22 Katelyn Rozdeba

Kodiaks: #05 Denajha Kie