WBB | Kodiaks Drop Home Game to Lightning

WBB | Kodiaks Drop Home Game to Lightning

Nov. 23, 2019 - The Lethbridge College Kodiaks hosted St. Mary's University Lightning in a single game weekend. The Kodiaks are coming off a win from their away trip in Red Deer and look to achieve another one at home.


The Kodiaks opened up the game with a wide three pointer from Matlin McMurray. Lethbridge continued to pour on the pressure, however it didn't take the Lightning long to find their stride and get away with a ten point lead at the end of the first quarter.


While Lethbridge struggled to create some magic on offense, they continued to play an aggressive game. Their tenacious demeanor eventually generated some gritty offensive opportunities which ultimately brought them back into the game. The Kodiaks began to close in on the Lightning's lead midway through the second quarter.


Kodiaks Emily Greeno lobbed a beautiful pass from deep within their own zone to Kirsten Barwegen who finished a solo layup to keep Lethbridge in the game with only minutes left until half. Lethbridge entered halftime trailing behind by eight.


As the game shifted into the third quarter, Lightning third year, Hannah Helton drained a deep three to confirm a lengthy lead against the Kodiaks. St. Mary's finished the third quarter with a score of 67 - 54.


The Kodiaks continued to give up easy balls to Lightning which caused havoc for them in their end. Head coach, Deanna Simpson of Lethbridge had no other option than to call a timeout just shortly after the fourth quarter started to calm her team on the court. This proved to be effective as the Kodiaks started to string passes together. 


Third year, Kirsten Barwegen brought a fiery energy to the court in hopes of lifting her team's spirits. Barwegen collected seven rebounds and 17 points, making her an invasive threat for the Lightning team. Denajha Kie complemented Barwegen's efforts well as she made 20 points and eight assists, bringing a forceful impact to the Kodiaks attack.


Conclusively, the Lightning maintained their edge throughout the entire game, however the Kodiaks put up an exciting fight in the fourth quarter to minimize St. Mary's lead. Lightning took home the victory with a score of 79 - 74.


Players of The Game:


Lightning: # 14 Emily Wagner 

Kodiaks: # 05 Denajha Kie