WBB | Kodiaks Dictate a Victory Over Trojans

WBB | Kodiaks Dictate a Victory Over Trojans

Nov. 28, 2019 - The Lethbridge College Kodiaks opened up the home and home series against the Sait Trojans on a snowy Thursday evening. Lethbridge was ranked fourth in the South division with a record of 4 - 4, while Sait rested three spots behind the Kodiaks with a record of 3 - 5.

The Kodiaks outplayed the Trojans in the first game of a home and home series at the Val Matteotti gym. While Lethbridge never gave up their lead, it wasn't until the fourth quarter that they truly dominated the attacking portion of the game.

As the game got underway, Lethbridge quickly took control by scoring a 7 - 0 lead. The Trojans hastily retaliated to see themselves in the game. First year, Montana Berezay of Lethbridge was continually hustling up and down the court, both on offense and defence. Berezay made a beautiful three pointer near the end of the first quarter to confirm their lead 21 - 17.

Denajha Kie was stellar on defence for the Kodiaks as she snagged multiple steals while remaining calm under Trojan's attack. Meanwhile, Sait's guard, Sirache Ubaldo was running sharp plays to force her team into a positive direction offensively. This seemed effective as they then only trailed behind Lethbridge by four points heading into the second half.

Kodiaks, Kirsten Barwegen was incredibly forceful under the net as she was collecting numerous rebounds in the third quarter. Barwegen totalled 16 rebounds throughout the entire game. This was immensely helpful to their lead in the third as they extended their gap by more than ten points.

Lethbridge then continued their offensive tear in the fourth quarter. They moved the ball around the court effortlessly while remaining firm against the gritty Trojans. The Kodiaks closed out the game with a final score of 73 - 48.

Kaylin Larson had a great deal of energy throughout the entire game which ultimately raised her team's intensity, while also earning herself player of the game. Trojan's second year Kendal Russell played a great deal of minutes and found the hoop 19 times in Thursday's match, with these stats, it was simple for Ranbir Parmar to hand out player of the game.

With this win Lethbridge improves their record to 5 - 4. The Kodiaks will travel to Sait Friday where they will look to earn another victory against the Trojans. 


Players of The Game:

Trojans: #12 Kendal Russell
Kodiaks: #06 Kaylin Larson