Vikings win the last game of the semester

Vikings win the last game of the semester

20191130 - WBB vs Concordia 


Augustana Vikings faced off against Concordia Thunder for the last game of this semester. 


The game started off with the fans on the edge of their seats with back to back baskets. #6, Banez shot a buzzer-beater 3 to start creating the gap. Thunder did not let up and as they kept playing hard. After a time out from Thunders head coach Valpreda, Thunder was able to start executing their plays. #13, Piekema, scored 2 points, and then a 3 point. The Vikings were ahead with a score for the end of the first quarter was 24-9. 


With pep talks from both coaches, the teams came out onto the court ready. The second quarter was a high scoring quarter for the Thunder. With back to back baskets from #1, Jones helping them close the gap against Augustana. #4, Ballhorn made a basket in the last few seconds of the second quarter making the gap greater than 10 points. The Vikings were ahead with a score of 39-25 at the start of the half time. 


The third quarter was eventful for the women's teams with great plays from both sides. With great coaching tips from both sides, the score at the end of the 3rd was 54-46 for the Vikings. 


If the game wasn't intense already, the fourth quarter made sure of that. Both Thunder and Vikings demonstrated a great level of skill and teamwork as they passed the ball around allowing them to score quite a bit. There were great moments from both sides with steals, and fast-break advances. The fans were not able to take their eyes off the ball. Thunder dug deep as they were only within 6 points from the Vikings. With less than two minutes remaining #15, Mitchell made a three with an assist from #7, Popenia. With the tension increasing, and the fouls maxed out, and the score within a 10 point gap, the game could go either side. #1, Jones made a foul shot bringing the score to 71-78. Vikings head coach Dedrick called a last attempt time out in hopes to ensure his team the victory. #1, Jones from Thunder made a jumper right off the time out. #5, MacKinnon made a game securing three with an assist from #7, Popenia. 


Despite Thunders's best effort, they were not able to second the game and lost. The final score was 81-73. 


The Player of the Game was awarded to #15, Mitchell for Vikings, and #1, Jones for Thunder.